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  • RSmall classes optimize the learning experience.
  • RWe have a skilled, well-qualified staff.
  • RWe use a positive motivational system.
  • RAnnual educational excursions are undertaken.
  • RGroup work skills are effectively developed.
  • RWe offer didactical support for learners with learning barriers.
  • RAn occupational therapist, reading therapist and a speech therapist who work intensively with our learners, are available at school.
  • RInteresting reading material makes reading a priority and adventure.
  • RWe have spacious, well-equipped and child friendly classrooms.
  • RAll classes are equipped with airconditioners.
  • RA well-equipped computer centre is managed by a skilled teacher.
  • RComputer programmes and learning areas are intergrated.
  • RWeekly computer lessons are offered from grade R.
  • RA spacious library, as well as the computer centre, can be used for research during breaks and after school.
  • RWe have a spacious, well-equipped art class.
  • RA value system with 6 values as our main focus is followed. These values are: trustworthiness, fairness, respect, caring, responsibility and good citizenship.

Foundation Phase

  • RGreat emphasis is placed on basic mathematics and language skills.
  • RWe learn by discovering and doing it ourselves.
  • REach class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard for E-learning.
  • RAdditional support from education students is available throughout the year.
  • RIntervention classes are given after school in smaller groups by the educators themselves.
  • RMotor skills to develop healthy bodies and minds, a holistic approach.
  • RSeparate playgrounds for EACH grade with their own jungle gyms.
  • RFP learners have computer training, as well as CAMI mathematics in the computer centre on a weekly basis.
  • RFP learners also have weekly art in the art class on a weekly basis.
  • RAll formal assessments take place continuously in a relaxed learning atmosphere.
  • RHappy children with good values are important to us.

Intermediate Senior Phase

In this phase, class teaching is replaced by subject teaching.

Learners have the benefit of specialised teachers in each subject.

Subjects for learners from Grade 4-6:

  • Afrikaans HT or English HL
  • Afrikaans EAT or English FAL
  • Wiskunde/Mathematics
  • Natuurwetenskappe/ Natural Science
  • Sosiale Wetenskappe / Social Sciences
  • Lewensvaardighede / Life Skills

Life Skills consists out of Arts & Culture, PT, Visual Arts and Life Orientation.

Grade 7s are exposed to a few more subjects.  Economic and Management Sciences and Technology form part of their curriculum.

Each learner in this phase also gains experience in Cami and computer skills.

Our learners get individual attention.     Intervention is part of our package deal.

Our learners’ entrepreneurial skills are developed on market days.

All classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards, which stimulate the interest of our learners in different subjects.