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Where every child is equipped for life.

Our Mission

Huguenot Primary School is a diverse educational institution situated in a rural area. Our values and principles are based on the Huguenot Way, which incorporates the following pillars: Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and good Citizenship.


We strive for excellence and the complete development of each child: academically, physically, socially and spiritually. Through professional education we ensure optimal growth, quality cultural and sport exposure and happy children.

OUR Motto

Aim High”. This is more than just our motto. It represents the spirit in which we conduct ourselves both in and outside the classroom.

Our History

Huguenot Primary School is part of Wellington’s rich educational heritage. The origin of the school is the result of an amalgamation of the original Girls High and Boys High schools, where local children received an education at first. Today we still build on those foundations of strong values and principles of our founding fathers.


In 1954, Huguenot Primary School was founded as a parallel medium school after the amalgamation of the two schools. At first the school was housed in the old school building in Mark Street.  In 1973 the school moved to its new building in General Hertzog Boulevard and started to function independently from Huguenot High School.

The well-known author, P.H Nortjé was appointed as the first principal of Huguenot Primary School.

At first the school only accommodated learners from grades 4 – 7, but after the move to the new building, the education of grades 1-3 learners started as well.

In 2013 the school received a new addition of a grade R department, called Goggagrot, and in 2016 the whole pre-primary department moved to the former Dwergiebos premises. Since then, it has been known as Huguenot Primary School’s Doemsie Campus and learners from grades RRR to grade R are accommodated there.


Mr. P.H. Nortje was succeeded by the following principals:

1962 – 1966: Mr N.J.P.J.S. van Staden

1966 – 1970: Mr. J.A. Malan

1971 – 1990: Mr. P.A. Retief

1990 – 1996: Mr P.M. Viviers

1997 – 2003: Mr C. Gerber

2003 – 2004: Mr. J. Fourie (acting)

2005 –2020: Mr.H.W. Schemper

2020 – Current date: S.V. Hertz