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Doemsie aftercaRE

Directly after school, there is aftercare for enrolled learners. They receive lunch, after which there is a break. Aftercare continues until 18:00 in the afternoons. If you prefer, you can send your child a pillow and blanket to school. Please mark it clearly. School and aftercare open on 15 January 2021.

Aftercare forms are available at the Doemsie office.

Aftercare forms and deposit must be handed in at the Doemsie office before / on 15 January or sent by e-mail to

Holiday care will be available during school holidays (if there is enough interest). Holiday care is an additional service offered by Doemsie Campus. Therefore, it is not part of the aftercare fees. An additional fee will be charged if you use the holiday care.

Aftercare Fees

Aftercare fees for 2021 are payable in advance and apply for 10 months of the year. Please complete the application form and pay an R100 deposit to secure your child’s place. This R100 will then be deducted from your child’s aftercare fee. Money can be paid in cash or directly in the Doemsie account.

The cost associated with this is R8 230 for the year.

R8 230-R100 registration fee = R8 130 ÷ 10 months = R813 per month.